In their latest confrontation with the government, petrol pump owners across the country have warned they will shutter their services on Sundays and resort to 9-to-6 operations on weekdays if their demands are not met.

Fuelling station owners are demanding increase in their margins and are threatening to take harsh steps if their demands are not met. This warning has officially come from the General Secretary of Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers (CIPD), Ravi Shinde; a representative body of petrol stations’ dealers across the country.

Shinde mentioned that the Sunday-offs would initiate from May 14, and following that Sunday, pumps would work from 9-to-6 on week days. They shall actually observe this if government doesn’t intervene to resolve the issue. Adding to this, he says that the association will also conduct a ‘No Purchase Day’ on May 14 in this regard to pressurize the oil companies on the injustice they have been observing on the margin shares.

Justifying their demand, the pump owners allege that the commitment made in the Apurva Chandra report for margin shares is being violated by the oil companies. As per the report, the pump dealers must get ₨ 3,333 per kilolitre on petrol and Rs 2,126 per kilolitre on diesel. But the reality is different from paper. The owners receive Rs 2,570 for petrol and Rs 1,620 for diesel which is way less than the officially decided price.

This is not the first instance when we are observing pump dealers confrontation with the oil companies and government. Earlier this year, the pump owners warned government to stop accepting payments via cards over the issue of levy on cashless payments which was later solved with government intervening.