NASA has unveiled its plan to send a crew to Moon in 2027 as a part of its super hyped and coveted mission to send humans on Mars by 2030. This year long voyage to Moon is planned to set up a launch space on the surface of Moon from where the humans will be taking off to Mars.

In the recent Humans to Mars summit, which took place in Washington DC, NASA put forth the details of this lunar mission as a part of Mars voyage. NASA has prepared a four staged programme which will help humans to reach out to Mars and this plan is in order to climb up the 1st out of the four steps designed.

According to the deputy associate administrator for policy and plans at NASA Greg Williams, this will be the first lunar voyage in the series of trips planned to moon since moon is the staging point from where humans will be sent to Mars. This crewed mission to moon, which is a year long trip, will check the environment suitability for human existence. Once they get succeeded in this mission, they will go for a 1000 day life simulation project to Mars.

In this trip, NASA plans to construct a deep space getaway around the surface of moon which would be equipped with a power bus, a co-existing habitat, airlock, a docking capability and modules which would help research activities on-board.

The moon has been a choice for the scientists because the region around its lunar surface has a perfect ideal atmosphere where the analysis can be made accurately and which would help carrying out the mission with provision of returning in terms of emergency within days if required. However this journey is being planned out with the support of experts and partners in the domain across the world.