Indian consumers will soon get to experience Apple iPhones which are ‘Made in India’.

Apple has announced that they will soon bring the locally manufactured iPhone SE series into the domestic market. These iPhones have been manufactured at a facility developed near Bengaluru. This facility assembles the parts manufactured by the Taiwanese company Wistro Corporation.

Price of the iPhone SE though manufactured locally will not see a decrease as of now. The SE series phones that are sold at nearly Rs 25,000 will continue to be sold at the same price initially since the company wants to invest more into the marketing segment to expand its outreach and sales.

According to the IT and telecom secretary Aruna Sundararajan, when a company of this stature comes to India for manufacturing it gives an evidence of the rise the Make in India is observing. With the introduction of Apple in Indian manufacturing segment, it is bound to boost the whole ecosystem. It will help every player of the ecosystem to resonate to the maturity of the company like Apple with it being around.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced company’s plan of investing $25 million for developing an app development center in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. It is quite apparent that company has plans on making a deep entry into the Indian market with starting off production units and assembly facilities as Apple has been observing record breaking profits in sales in last couple of years. According to Cook, the company sees India as an emerging talent house with its huge youth power and thereby company wants to set up R & D centers and production units in the country.

The devices made locally set to roll out soon will be available at online and offline stores.