Increased cattle smuggling and cow protection concern have propelled government to look into the matter and propose a Unique Identification Numbering for the cows across the country.

In a report formed by the committee led by the Home Ministry and the Join Secretary, the government has recommended the identification system to curb the issue of smuggling and under-treatment of the abandoned cows.

The UID number will include all the appearance and physical details, lactation, breed, horn type, tail switch and the mark details and this unique number identification must be made a compulsion for every cow and its progeny, the governments says in the report.

The report submitted to the Supreme Court suggests that the state government is primarily accountable for the security of the abandoned animals. The other important recommendation says that every district must have shelter home provision for abandoned animals with a minimum capacity of 500. This according to the government will help in the prevention of widespread cattle smuggling. The report also highlights the poor condition of the existing shelter homes and suggests that funding for the shelter home has to be taken care by the state government itself.

The committee suggests that care-taking should continue after the milking age. It is largely observed that soon after the milk productivity of the cattle ends, they are sold out or smuggled. The government is well aware of the rampant smuggling activities taking place at the India-Bangladesh border and it believes that the measures once implemented would help curb cattle smuggling.

Other suggestions include initiating a scheme to curb the poor conditions of the farmers which will help them prevent smuggle out their cattle. This committee formation has come amidst the reporting of several cases of cow vigilantism.