Not long ago, new currency notes were issued after the government banned ₹ 1000 and ₹ 500 currency notes in order to abolish corruption in the form of black money and fake currency along with encouraging the cashless economy. If we are to believe rumours on social media platforms, a new ₹ 200 notes are to be made available soon.

Word is that RBI may introduce a ₹ 200 denomination note and that it is awaiting clearance from the Centre for printing to initiate as indicated by Central bank. In reference to this, images of the denomination have mysteriously appeared on the internet. It is sporting all features of the new denominations introduced previously. The image was spotted a couple days ago and has been doing rounds since.

Chances are high that this is a fake image created by someone. If it is then it’s a photoshop job well done. If you closer, all the minute details are mirror the newest features in ₹ 2000 and ₹ 500 denominations introduced later last year. From the watermark to language scripts of English and Devnagari both have been at par. To top it all, it also flaunts Reserve Bank of India with the signature of RBI’s governor. The only difference is the colour of the bill.

Authorities have not reacted to these rumours yet except RBI stating that as a part of remonetisation spree, new ₹ 200 notes will be printed. Despite the vulnerability of the mentioned currency note could not be confirmed. Banking regulator RBI hasn’t issued a statement or made a remark of denial either. But it is hoping to start printing the new ₹ 200 note by the month of June.

In the aftermath of demonetization that filtered out 86 per cent of the currency in circulation. The current situation is such that people are facing issues of having enough change to a ₹ 2000 note. With this in mind, RBI revealed their plan to issue and establish an equilibrium to bridge this huge gap. Days later, images of a purported genuine looking ₹ 200 has surfaced on social media.