A surprising report by the National Aids Control Organisation (NACO) claims wastage of 28 lakh units or wastage of 6 lakh litres of blood in past five years. This report has released by NACO after an RTI was filed by Chetan Kothari.

This wastage has been reported in the blood banks all across the country with Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, UP leading the wastage chart. Along with blood, the blood banks have wasted red blood cells and fresh frozen plasma, which has a longer shelf life. Despite of plasma’s such longer life, they have to be discarded which shows the poor co-ordination of the banks.

According to Indian Red Cross Society’s Dr. Zarine Bharucha, practically it is possible to collect only 500 units of blood. It is observed that in camps, sometimes organizations collect up to 2 to 3 thousand units but with no idea of how to manage those units and hence sometimes it has to be discarded. It is better that people walk into the banks rather to donate blood during camps as it is easier to manage the blood directly at the blood bank.

The poor network among the blood banks is responsible for the mass wastage of blood, but a senior health official has contrary view on this and according to him the extra blood is the one which has to be kept for emergency cases in terms of accidents or natural disasters when huge amount of blood is needed to tackle the mass casualties. He adds that there has been a sharp decrease of 17 percent in the wastage of blood in the last year.